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35 President's Ave. BF Homes, Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel. +632 9450420 |Email.

The Purple Tree celebrates the Filipino artist!

Dulcie Dee

The Purple Tree and Hiraya Gallery bring you the work of Dulcie Dee.

As you walk through the Rosario Soler Hall  and Silvino Maestrado Hall, take a look at the striking work of a gifted Filipina artist.

International multi-award winning artist Dulcie Dee was born in NYC and has held numerous One Woman exhibitions throughout USA with collectors from Manila, Paris, and Sydney. She holds a MFA from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco and is a cum laude graduate of the University of the Philippines.


Her work is a Zen fusion of East and West.  Each painting pulsates with rich, vibrant, tropical colors painted with clarity, texture, and precision detail encompassing a free–flowing sense of subject, shade and color.

Hiraya Gallery, established in 1980, is committed to the promotion as well as development of serious, imaginative, an relevant Philippine art, especially by young but talented Filipino artists. In the pursuit of its objective, it has taken necessary risks welcoming unknown new artists and offering a refuge for unpopular ones. Hiraya eschews too much commercialism in art, and frowns on capitalizing, for easy success, on the attraction of names. It gravitates towards artists, regardless of their artistic background, medium or style, whose technical competence and creativity are matched only by their dedication, high-mindedness, and intellectual honesty. Hiraya supports artists not because they are commercially viable, but because it believes strongly in what they are trying to achieve. It does not impose its business will or its own aesthetic tates on artists, but encourages them to freely evolve and pursue their individual inspiration and vision.

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